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Café Station Protocol

Each property should have a designated (Property Name) Café.

It should be clear where this is and it should be its own destination.

Each Café should provide at all times:

* Coffee

* All coffee accompaniments (creamer, sugar, sweetener, stirrers, etc)

* Seasonal Beverage (lemonade, pumpkin spice latte, hot chocolate, hot tea, etc)

* Cookies/muffins/baked good

* Cups/Mugs

* A stack of the most recent property newsletters

Since most offices don’t bake their own cookies in house, please make sure there is a candle or scented oil sticks or some form of fragrance that resembles fresh baked cookies/pies/cakes going at all times in the area of the coffee station.

Experience is important and the most memorable ones are the ones that touch the senses.