Clubhouse SOP

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Clubhouse SOP

This SOP applies to the leasing office, clubhouse, amenities, and models.

“Perfection is the standard” -Greg Beckel


  • The leasing office, clubhouse, model, and amenities must be clean and spotless
    • This means cleaning must be done by staff between professional cleaning services
    • Window & doors should be cleaned daily and more often if necessary
  • Front desks should be wiped down daily and more often if necessary
  • Restrooms must be clean: 73% believe a bad restroom indicates poor management
  • The paths to the leasing office, clubhouse, model, and amenities must be clean
  • All lights must be operational and turned on (never let a burnt out light bulb go unchanged immediately)
  • Air fresheners must be in the leasing office, clubhouse, model, and amenities
  • Blinds/curtains must be open to let natural light in and open up the rooms
  • No eating or cell phones by the leasing staff in the front office
  • Desks must be clean and organized—free of office supplies, projects, files
“The cleaner the space, the classier the place.” -Aisha


  • Pledge poster must be framed and hung in the leasing office
  • Fair housing sign must be posted in a visible spot
  • Full bowl of festive candy out in the leasing office
  • Music must be playing in the office, pool, gym, and model
  • Paint, furniture, and décor all need to be current and fresh
  • All TVs should be turned on (including in the gyms).
    • Choose a channel that does not show inappropriate content.


  • One TV in the leasing office and one in the model should have a property slideshow playing with lifestyle photos and marketing massages
    • For example, property photos with people in them, event photos and the latest special and refer-a-friend
  • Marketing messages/POP/collateral should be throughout the leasing office, clubhouse, model, and amenities—must make seasonally appropriate
  • All must be made/approved by HRA’s graphic designer and have the property logo and follow the branding guidelines
  • Use plastic flyer holders or frames to display messages instead of taping them up
  • Urgency messages – all POP must have a call-to-action
  • Event sign-up sheets should be typed up nicely with property’s logo and displayed with a clipboard when applicable
  • Required Signage
    • Something needs to draw attention from the road where you turn into the property and where the entrance to the office is at
      • Can be flags, balloons, banners, a-boards, or a combination
    • A-boards
      • By the entrance to leasing office
    • Balloons
      • Tied to a-board by the entrance to the leasing office
    • Light up signs – Student properties
      • In the office with an urgency message
    • Bulletin board – Student properties
      • Display newsletter, events, and testimonials
      • Bonus for chalk calendar

  • Recommended Signage
    • Banners
      • Visible for a drive-by
      • Renewal ones where residents are – mailbox area, fitness center, student service center, inside the shuttle (if applicable), game room, etc.
    • Bandit signs
      • In grass by high traffic areas
    • Flags
      • Ideally lining each side of the entrance to the property; solid colors only (cannot say things or be multi-colored)
Greg’s marketing wisdom: “Change attracts attention”

Additional requirements for Model Apartments

  • Model apartments are not to be used for storage or as the office kitchen
  • Full bowl of candy next to brochures along with a few applications and pens
  • 3 pieces of POP/collateral should be in the model – i.e.: in the kitchen, bedroom, living room
  • Use the model as an opportunity to display specials that create urgency
    • Use plastic holders or frames to display messages
  • Model refrigerators must be stocked with drinks and waters (logos all facing front)
    • Bonus points if the drinks have property stickers on them
  • Student properties:
    • School posters/pictures displayed
    • Bulletin boards with lifestyle pictures
    • Bonus points for school themed bedrooms
''''Café Station Protocol
  • Each property should have a designated (Property Name) Café.
  • It should be clear where this is and, it should be its own destination.
  • Each Café should provide at all times:
    • Coffee & tea
    • All coffee accompaniments (creamer, sugar, sweetener, stirrers, etc.)
    • Seasonal Beverage (lemonade, pumpkin spice latte, hot chocolate, hot tea, etc.)
    • Cookies/muffins/baked good
    • Cups/Mugs
    • A stack of the most recent property newsletters if applicable

Greg’s marketing wisdom: “The café is a great marketing opportunity”

  • POP display
  • Call to action
  • Upcoming event calendar