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Entrata Dashboard Best Practices:

The Dashboard in Entrata is set up to be your daily to-do list. You should work from left to right when completing these tasks. Here is a guideline with brief descriptions on how to use each section.


  • Anything you need to approve will come through here.
    • Applications: Use the “review” button to pass with conditions, approve, deny etc.
    • eSign Docs: Approve/Review lease documents that have been signed by residents/prospects.
    • Payments: This is where you will see any payments that need to be addressed.
    • Renewals: Review/approve offers
    • Invoices: Invoices to be posted will appear here.
    • Inspections: Review all inspections that were completed for the site or property here – this is the final step to finalizing an application.


  • This should be the “go to” place for anyone leasing. All these items should be cleared to “0” daily. Make sure you use these actions to create leads rather than manually creating them to avoid duplicates.
    • Assign Agents: All new guest cards/leads need to be assigned to an agent
    • Never Contacted: Leads who have never been contacted will appear here. You must record a contact on this page for them to be removed. (similar to “unmanaged” leads in Lead2Lease)
    • Follow Up: Follow ups are automatically created by Entrata and will appear here.
    • Referrals: Resident referrals show here. You can create leads for referrals here.
    • Answered Calls: All NEW calls from vanity numbers will need to be reviewed here. The only way for calls to be removed from this section is for them to be manually reviewed.


  • Actions that need to be made for applicants should be performed here.
    • Generate Leases: Leases can be generated for prospects here.


  • Anything that needs to be updated for a resident in Entrata will show here.
    • Residents Follow Up: This is where you can find follow up messages for residents. If you see a “notes” icon you can click on it to see detailed instructions for the follow up.


  • This should be used as a daily task list for maintenance.
    • Assign Work Orders: work orders can be assigned to someone here and notes can be made that can be visible to the resident if you wish (the default is set to not be visible to residents).
    • Open Work Orders: This should be used to update the status on work orders so the resident can easily see the update in their portal.
    • Inspections: Any inspection that is set up in the system can be completed or started here.


  • This section will be used primarily by the account manager – notifications for the site regarding payments, notices, etc will be here.
    • Check 21: batches of checks that need to be processed will appear here
    • Notices: you can generate and send notices to residents with a delinquent account here.
    • Financial Move Outs: This is where you can easily generate an FMO for a resident.