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Understanding Your Role

Before anyone can be sold on your apartment community, they first must be sold on you! Continuously focusing on the following tasks will greatly assist you in succeeding at your job:

• Creating a professional image

• Establishing a successful attitude

• Understanding your product

• Managing your customers expectations

Creating a Professional Image

Carefully consider the following in establishing your professional image:

• Dress

• Body language

• Personal phone calls

• Eating habits – Not appropriate to eat at your desk

Establishing a Successful Attitude

A successful attitude is a positive outlook on your position, role, and future. If you have a successful attitude you’ll find you are leasing more apartments and effectively handling resident relations.

Keys to a Successful Attitude

• Positive outlook on your position, role and future

• Enjoying what you do

Never miss an opportunity to exceed your customer’s expectations of quality service.

The Leasing Kit

Every Leasing Consultant should have a “Leasing Kit” at their fingertips to assist them in the sales process. We recommend that you begin with a 3-ring binder and the following content:

Current Apartment Availability Report: Describes the apartment homes available for rent as well as market rents, features, etc.

Apartment Community Information: Opening dates, acres, amenities, operation hours, newsletter

Apartment Unit Information: Appliance info etc.

Floor Plans: Room dimensions, wall/window measurements, outlet/phone jack locations etc.

Surrounding Community Information: Location of grocery stores, UO/LCC, malls


Maps: Surrounding local community, directions to/from community to UO/LCC etc.

Newcomer Information: Utility companies with contact info, cost etc.

Competitor Information: Current market information (price, product, location)

Tools & Forms:

Closing Skills:

Ask for the Close

Very few people ever close a lease without asking for it. Asking for a close sounds intimidating but it isn’t. It’s as easy as continuing the conversation.

This can be as simple as:

“So did you decide you’d rather have the 2 bedroom or the 3 bedroom?”

“You seemed to really like the 2 bedroom, we do only have 3 of them left…”

“Did you want to call your roommate to come on over and see your new home now?”

And many, many more statements that lock in customers. Use your conversation, use what you know about them and what they want. Make it personal.

Eliminate Objections

One part of your job is make them feel like this is their new home and there’s no place else they’d rather be. It’s very rare that SOME objection won’t pop up. Overcome them!

Future Resident/Guarantor: “It seems pretty expensive”

Awesome HRA Agent: “All utilities, cable, parking and internet are included, so there’s no hidden costs or “nickel and diming”. Plus, you can make monthly payments instead of paying all at once up front.”

Future Resident/Guarantor: “It seems far from campus.”

Awesome HRA Agent: “Well, the shuttle does run every 8-10 minutes and that keeps you from having to pay for and find parking on campus.”

Future Resident/Guarantor: “I really wanted an apartment that faces the pool.”

Awesome HRA Agent: “It is a beautiful view, isn’t it? But the good part about NOT facing the pool is you don’t get the occasional noise of the residents who like to hang out late at night when you’re trying to sleep.”

Future Resident/Guarantor: “There’s not enough closet space. I have 300 pair of shoes.”

Awesome HRA Agent: “You know what you can do? You can use the closet in the bathroom as extra space for your shoes and also, I’ve seen some really cool bedrisers that raise up your bed about a foot. So you could easily slide lots of boxes under there and keep the closet space for your clothes.”


Future Resident/Guarantor: “Is this place secure? The gates are open. It doesn’t feel safe.”

Awesome HRA Agent: “Well, we leave the gates open during business hours so vendors, mailmen, and people like yourselves can come in without the hassle of calling the office. We do close the gate at night, only residents have the code and we do change the code each year. As well, we have a courtesy officer patrolling at night from 10pm-4am. And we also have security cameras around the clubhouse.” (NEVER say ANY PLACE IS SECURE. No one can guarantee safety.)

Use Your Personality

You didn’t get this job because you’re dull and boring. You got this job because you are charismatic and have a great personality! Use it! Talk to them! No one likes a generic sales pitch. Would you be sold if someone didn’t even know your name by the end of your tour? No Way!

Find out what they’re into (food) – “our kitchens are awesomely huge!”

Find out why they’re looking to move (I hate walking up 3 flights of stairs) – “we’ve got great 1st floor apartments with really nice patios. It’s great to sit out there in the fall”

Find out what they like (clothes) – “all of our apartments have great walk in closets)

Use your personality and knowledge to win them over and close the deal.


Lock them in. Close them like a steel door. Don’t give them room to say no. Use your personality, use your knowledge of them, eliminate objections and get that paperwork signed!

Pledge of Excellence # 1, 2, 4