Lead2Lease Best Practices

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Lead2Lease Best Practices

Set yourself up for success – open Lead2Lease when you sit down at your computer every morning. This will allow you to easily manage your leads as the day goes on rather than having to go back and duplicate work at the end of the day.

  • Actions should be logged for every contact you make with a prospect. The more actions you log, the more points you will receive on reports.
  • Phone call leads are not automatically synced with OneSite so you will need to manually do this. Manually syncing guest cards will reduce the chances of having duplicate leads created.
  • When a lead’s lease is finalized in Onesite their guest card in Lead2Lease will be updated as a “Successful Lead” which should close the guest card.

Home: Your “Home” tab is essentially your daily to do list. It tells you who you need to follow up with and what appointments you have scheduled for the day. In the “Today” section you can filter just your follow ups or you can choose to show all.

SmartAlert: SmartAlert is a desktop feature that alerts you of new leads and reminds you about follow ups. This should be installed on every computer. Please contact RealPage Suppose for installation.


   Unmanaged': Leads that have not yet had a “Lead Progress” action noted will be displayed here.     Unmanaged leads can also be seen on the “Home” tab. The only way to remove a lead from the     “unmanaged” tab is to log an action. The following actions account as follow ups in Lead2Lease     reports: emailed, phoned, sent follow-up, and toured property. For guest cards that are non-    leads or dead leads, make sure you log an action before closing them out. The daily goal     should     be to have the “Unmanaged” tab at zero before closing the office. 
   All Leads: shows all of the property leads. 
   My Leads: shows all leads specifically assigned to you 
   Needing Management: Leads that have not had an action logged to their guest card for 3+ days.     We want to make sure this is always 0. Waiting for leads to go to the “Needing Management”     tab is not the correct way to manage our leads. To keep leads out of the “Needing     Management” tab set specific follow up reminders. 

Follow Up Reminders: Follow up reminders should be set with every action you log. Setting specific follow up reminders will help balance your follow up volume and it will help keep up leads organized. You can set the follow up for a specific day if “tomorrow, 3 days, 5 days or 1 week” will not work for you. Leads with a follow up reminder set will not go to the “Needing Management” tab.

Adding Leads: When manually adding new leads to Lead2Lease please make sure you are not entering a duplicate. Lead2Lease recognizes when leads match and a yellow warning box will appear. You can choose to create a new lead (this should only be done if the duplicate is for a sister property) or you can simply click the name and update the guest card.