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Lead2Lease FAQs

Q: How do I keep my scores high on the weekly reports?

  • Always remember that the reports are generated after midnight on the last day of your leasing week. Therefore, agents should always make sure to view (open up the guest card) and manage ALL their leads in Lead2Lease before they close by the last day of their leasing week.
  • Always make sure to view every guest card in Lead2Lease. A guest card is counted as “Viewed” when you click & open the guest card.
  • Always make sure to log in ALL your follow-up actions in Lead2Lease. This will count towards your % managed in your reports.
  • If you email a lead through Lead2Lease that email action will automatically be logged in for that guest card. However, please remember to manually log in all other actions so that you can get credit for all activity being conducted with the lead, as well as give visibility to your corporate office, via reports, as to the current activity at your community.
  • Always view and manage ALL leads, including your “Anonymous Caller” leads. An Anonymous Caller” is a prospect that called from a cell phone. Therefore, these are legitimate phone guest cards. Once you follow-up with an anonymous caller, ALWAYS log in that “Phone” action that you conducted with a lead in order to get credit for managing the lead. If you call them and determine that they are no longer interested in your community, log in that phone action into Lead2Lease FIRST, and then close them out.

Q: Why do I see “Other” so often on the Rollup Report?

  • In most cases your highest ranked 5 are listed and everything else is rolled up into other.

Q: What is the Lead2Lease report logic?

  • Lead generation means: The report is focused on the leads that came into the community within the time that you generated the report for.
  • Actions will only be tallied if they were executed within the selected time frame.
  • Lead actions done on guest cards that were not created within the time frame will not be included on the report.
    • For example: Let's say you had 5 leads the first week of the month. If you generate a report for the first week of the month only the 5 leads that came in the first week will be counted and only the actions that you entered during the first week of the month on those 5 leads will be included in the report data.
  • Event generation means: Any event that happens within a selected time frame will be tallied. The creation date of the lead does not matter, rather the events that happened in the time frame is the focus.
  • Gross Lease Logic: Once a lead is approved in the application phase, this lead is counted as a Successful Lease. You must select this logic to generate reports.
  • Net Lease Logic: Once a lead is moved into the community that lead is counted as a Successful Lease regardless of application approval date. This is the default logic of Lead2Lease.
  • Viewed: This number is the total of the leads that were opened in Lead2Lease. This means an agent at the property opened up the guest card by clicking on the name in Lead2Lease.
  • Managed: This number is how many leads actually had actions logged in on them or had a status change. Miscellaneous actions entered are not included on the reports.

Q: How can my managed be higher than my viewed?

  • Integrated communities can do actions in their PM system without physically clicking open the guest card in Lead2Lease. Viewed is a specific Lead2Lease metric that’s only counted when an onsite agent clicks open the guest card.
  • All communities can close guest cards without viewing them. Concluding the lead is managing it, but if it was never opened, then it does count against viewed count.

Q: How should I compare my Lead2Lease reports to my PM system reports?

  • Your Lead2Lease reporting logic is different than your PM system logic, because of this certain numbers won’t match.
  • Read all the logic of the report before you begin so that you are taking that into consideration for your comparison.
  • Ensure that the date range of the data you are looking at matches.
  • Remember Lead2Lease counts move-ins as leases so you’ll need to change from default net lease logic to gross lease logic.
  • Remember that you must mark all non-leads that you don’t sync in Lead2Lease so that your phone lead count will tie out.
  • Know the specifics of the logic of the PM system report you are pulling as well.
  • Lead2Lease reporting is recommended for anything prior to application phase. Your PM system reporting is recommended for anything post application phase.