New Hire Protocol

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New Hire Protocol
(AKA Onboarding)

When you are ready to hire a new team member:

  • First, please email Please include the following information for your new team member:
  • First and Last Name
  • Position
  • Start Date
  • Personal Email address

The training department will assist you with coordinating the onboarding process

  • Second, be sure to refer to the Onboarding Supervisor Checklist
  • Third, prepare their Welcome Packet and be ready to give it to them and walk through it with them

The Onboarding Checklist outlines all items that need to be done prior to the employee starting and during the first few weeks of their employment.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Setting up log ins and passwords
  • Ensuring the team knows they are coming
  • Setting up their office space
  • Ordering nametags and uniforms if necessary
  • Training
  • IT support
  • OneSite/Entrata Support

Also, please pull the Onboarding New Employee Checklist to review and have ready for the new team member.

Both are located in SharePoint and in the Operations Manual.