Phone Sales Cheat Sheet

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  • Goals:
    • Make an Appointment to Tour
    • Get contact information
    • Show personality, build rapport, lead the call, determine needs

  • Open Lead2Lease/Entrata and enter information as you are talking or write it down

  • Name
    • Ask for name at the very beginning of call
    • "I would love to help you with that, can I get your name?”
    • Say the caller’s name at least 3 times during the call

  • Source
    • "How did you hear about Stadium Park?"

We want to know specific sources - try to get a more specific answer than "Google" or "online"

  • Determine Needs While Building Rapport
    • “Have you been to the property before?”
    • To inspire your caller to visit your community, you must determine their needs and demonstrate that your community is a good fit.
    • A technique for getting information and building rapport with the caller is to identify with your prospect and find some common ground.
    • The Tell Me Technique is very effective at clarifying your customer’s needs and building rapport.

  • Sell Your Property
    • During the telephone conversation, sell your community by helping the caller visualize your apartment homes.
    • Describe the apartment in detail. Give the prospects something they can really visualize such as what size furniture/fixtures the apartment can accommodate or comes with.
    • Take control of the call - lead caller while listening to their needs and questions.
      • You are a salesperson

  • (WHO) Roommate Matching
    • Do you have roommates you’d like to live with? If not we can roommate match you
    • Explain the process and give the caller ease of mind

  • (WHAT) Desired Floor plan?
    • 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, etc. – (price range can help determine floor plan if the caller is unsure)

  • Amenities
    • “Have you seen inside an apartment?”
      • The apartments are Fully Furnished, and include….
      • Remember to create visuals
    • Any property improvements/renovations recently?
    • Resident Events/Activities?
  • Utilities
    • Get excited about the property’s utilities package
    • Ex: "At The Edge your price Includes gas, water, sewer, garbage, cable and internet!!!"
    • Know average, monthly price for electricity

  • (WHEN) Move-in Date?
    • Current or Fall?

  • (WHERE) Location
    • Distance to campus?
    • Bus Route/Shuttle?
    • Conveniences, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. nearby?

  • (WHY) Specials & Rates
    • “What is your price range?”
    • Create a Sense of URGENCY - Deadline
      • “We are filling up fast, competitors are already full,” etc.
      • Zero down? = $350 savings ($50 app, $100 admin, $200 deposit)
      • 48 hour look and lease? End Friday?
    • Have Market Knowledge - Prices compared to comps

  • Make Appointment
    • “Are you available to come in today to take a tour?”
      • “Does morning or afternoon work better for you? I have a 10:30 or a 2 pm available”
      • Don’t just say “come in anytime” – work to get the appt. set. The caller will be more likely to show up.
    • Ask if the caller needs Directions to property

Concluding the Phone Call:

  • Phone and Email Address
    • “I’ll call you if anything changes, what the best contact phone number for you?”
    • “I know we went over a lot, I will send you a summary of Chase Village information. What is your email address?”
  • “I’ll Find you on Facebook so you can see the events we are having and come participate”
  • Thank you for calling. I look forward to meeting you __Name__ on ___date__ at __time__!

  • Finish entering all info into L2L or Entrata guest card and save
    • Reminder to close out dead leads

  • Don’t forget to Email the summary with the application or contract
    • Include photos, phone number, link to Facebook and website

Phone Tips:

  • Never multitask
  • Avoid using slang, terms of endearment, or nicknames with your new acquaintances
    • No ums, ahs, like, stuff, things, filler words
  • Never leave caller on hold for more than 30 seconds

Pledge of Excellence # 1, 2