RMI Onboarding Process

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Here are the general steps that the hiring manager should take:

  1. If the job was posted by RMI, applicant should either apply online in the RMI Center or fill out a paper application form.  If a paper application, please send to RMI when you do step 2.
  2. Send RMI the employee’s first/last name and e-mail address and RMI will send the new hire the background check link e-mail.
  3. RMI will let the hiring manager know the results of the background check as soon as they become available.
  4. If the employee passes the background check, they can be hired using the RMI Center.  The hire date that is entered needs to be the first day they will be scheduled to work.
  5. Employee should finish the onboarding within 3 business days of hire date
  6. Once hiring manager receives the e-mail that the employee has finished their onboarding, the hiring manager will need to log into the RMI Center and complete the employer’s portion of the I-9.  This should be completed no later than 3 business days after the employees first day of work
  7. If the hiring manager received an e-mail indicating that the employee did not volunteer EEO information, the hiring manager needs to click on “EEO Data”, select the employee from the drop down menu and select the gender/sex and race that best matches your visual survey of the employee and click submit.