SOP Cash Back Audit Protocol

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Cash Back Audit Protocol

If your property has Cash Back Cards, they must be audited each week for accuracy.

Cash Back Cards should be kept in a safe or locked drawer/closet in the Manager’s office.

The Cash Back Card Audit Form (in File Library under “forms”) should be kept with the Cash Back Cards.

Page 1 is the summary of the cards and has formulas to calculate the total amount of the cards and the total number of cards the property has.

Each week the Property Manager needs to update the number of cards issued on page one.

Page 2 and beyond are the details of who received the cards, when and for what purpose and must be signed by the resident receiving the card and initialed by the staff member distributing the cards.

If cards are given as “Yes You Can” or as Move In “Make it Right” and are $50 or under, the resident does not need to sign off on the audit form.