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SOP for Collections

Collection Agency

Horizon works exclusively with RentCollect Global, though some files may be at other agencies if the files predated 1/1/2016. HRA receives a 65/35 split on all files sent to collections as part of this agreement.

Horizon Collection Policy

  1. All files that are (A) over $50 owing and (B) more than 45 days past their Final Statement date must be either in collections OR have a payment agreement in place.
  2. All payment agreements must:
    1. Have a payment schedule with amounts and due dates.
    2. Contain wording that if a payment is missed, the remaining balance can be forwarded to collections without delay. Partial payments do not eliminate the possibility of collection agency utilization.
    3. Be scanned and uploaded to the resident account.
    4. Have an entry on the activity log with the details of the agreement.
  3. Skips should be send for collections immediately after the final statement is completed.
  4. No file can be placed with multiple collection agencies.
Accounts at the 60 day mark typically collect at a 2-4% rate.

Realpage/Onesite – Collections are fully integrated with RentCollect Global and will transfer at the 45 day mark automatically unless the site manually removes it from integration by marking as having a payment agreement/exclude from collections.

Entrata – Collections are partially integrated with RentCollect Global and must have the transfer manually triggered at the 45 day mark.

Here is a video with basic information about our agreement with RentCollect Global and how to navigate through their website.

HRA Services FAQ RCG Tutorial