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Daily Line Up Protocol

Daily Line Ups should be held every Mon-Fri preferably 15 minutes before the property opens. If the full team doesn’t start their day at the same time, the DLU needs to occur before noon.

The purpose of the Line Up meetings is simply to update each team member on what’s happening that day in each arena of the property (customer service, events, maintenance, leasing, marketing).

The Line Up is led by the Property Manager, but any allocated team member may keep the notes (See “SOP - Daily Line Up Notes” for template).

The Line Up should be NO LONGER than 10 minutes.

Each team member should bring their DNA card to the Line Up so they can refer to the company vision/mission and what the DNA points are.

Each Monday the Property Manager chooses a DNA point and that becomes the service focus for the week (it is typical to simply go in order of the points and then return to the beginning to ensure no point is being skipped)

The “leader” of each department should give the update about what is happening in their arena that day (eg. “Maintenance” The Maintenance Supervisor should give the update).

The “Yes You Can” service section is everyone’s responsibility and should be open to all to contribute.

The template for the Daily Line Up Notes is set up one week at a time. Please change the “mon date” label on the report tab to the actual date the Line Up is held. For instance “12.1.15” (on the Mon Date tab) “12.2.15” (on the Tues Date tab).

The weeks worth of Daily Line Ups should be saved in the GMs Google Drive folder on their desktop with the naming format of ‘Daily Line Up Monday’s date’: “Daily Line Up 12.1.15”, “ Daily Line Up 12.8.15”, etc