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The Federal Fair Housing laws are a result of the civil rights movement during the 1960’s. The civil rights movement had a profound effect on our country and made a drastic impact on the apartment industry. As a result of the civil rights movement, Congress passed Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, otherwise known as the Fair Housing Act. The purpose of the Fair Housing Act was to eliminate discrimination and ensure that everyone is treated fairly, equally and consistently in the sale, rental and financing of housing.

Today, The Federal Fair Housing Act makes discrimination based on any of the following illegal in connection with the rental of most housing:

• Race

• Color

• Religion

• Sex

• National Origin

• Handicap Status

• Familial Status

This means that you must lease to any qualified applicant regardless of the criteria above. You must ensure that everyone is treated FAIRLY, EQUALLY, and CONSISTENTLY.

Adhere to the following Fair Housing guidelines in your leasing activities:

• Display the Fair Housing poster and Equal Housing Opportunity symbol in the office and on all literature.

• Never stray from your company’s photo ID policy for touring an apartment.

• When demonstrating apartments, you must offer to show model or apartment to any person regardless of seen or unseen disability.

• Never misrepresent or fail to mention available apartment homes, or assume the prospect would be more comfortable in a certain location.

• Always be consistent in your documentation, correspondence, and follow up with all prospective residents. Avoid subjective comments that may be construed as discriminatory.

• The rental criteria for being approved for an apartment home, or

qualification guidelines, should be in writing and prominently displayed.

• When a prospective resident asks for specific information about your current resident profile, respond by saying: “We welcome any person who meets our qualification guidelines”