SOP angry guarantor resident responses

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General Rules of Thumb:

* ALWAYS be gracious and kind

* NEVER raise your voice

* ALWAYS show compassion and empathy

However, you and your team should NEVER be conversationally abused by a Guarantor/Resident/Caller

* When a guarantor states they are invoking legal counsel

* Your response should be: “I understand, and since you are contacting legal counsel, I will need to turn the situation over to our legal counsel and can no longer discuss it with you. Have a good day.”

* When a guarantor/resident/caller uses profanity

* Your response should be, “Sir/Ma’am, I’m happy to have a talk with you, but I cannot continue this conversation if you are going to use profanity. If it happens again, I will discontinue the call.”

* If it happens again, simply say, “I cannot continue this conversation in this manner. Goodbye.” And hang up

* When a guarantor/resident/caller has raised their voice to an assaulting tone (on a call or in person)

* On the phone, please say “Mr./Ms. XX, I understand you are upset, but I cannot continue this call if you continue using the tone in which you are speaking to me.”

* If they continue yelling at you, please say, “Mr./Ms. XX, I told you I couldn’t continue this call with you using that tone. I will now end this call. Goodbye.” And hang up.

* In person, same statements, with the change of, instead of ending the call, “I will need to walk away from this conversation.” Or “I will need to ask you to leave” and then escort them out or leave the situation