Ten Closing Techniques

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What is a close?

Anything you do to get the prospect to say YES to an application after they have already said no.

  1. Assumptive

Soft close – 10% of the time this works. Start off with this to see if they say yes or no.

  1. Summary

Summarize what they’re looking for and what you can give. Your search is over – you wanted X,Y,Z and I can give you X,Y,Z. Type of a soft close

  1. Urgency

Make them understand why they should sign today. Price, specials, availability, time. Type of a harder close

  1. White Rabbit

Put them in the apartment – call it their apartment. Recap things they liked and remind them

  1. Personal

If you haven’t built rapport do not use. Talk to them like they’re a friend. If you live onsite use this, “I love it here and I think you will too.”

  1. Where did I go wrong?

Identify the reasons why the prospect isn’t leasing. Ask “What is keeping you from completing the application today?” Make sure you didn’t leave anything out they might need. Make sure they don’t have unanswered questions.

  1. Inventive?

“Here’s what I can do for you today” Create the urgency. How will this incentive help you? What would you do if you have an extra $20 a month? Don’t use the work special. Don’t tell the prospect about the incentive until the end

  1. If I could, would you?

This will be apartment specific. If I could get you hardwood floors, would you lease? Something the prospect wants that the apartment doesn’t currently offer.

  1. 24 Hour Hold

Get them to say yes about the idea of leasing. 24 hour look and lease. How does it sound if I can hold the apartment for 24 hours for you so you can talk to roommate(s)?

  1. PWL

Priority Waiting List. Reserving for a faraway date.