Understanding White Rabbits

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What is a White Rabbit?

A description of what it is like to use a product

  • It appeals to the 5 senses
  • Don’t forget to SMILE & get excited
  • Ask “What are you looking for?” first so you know what to white rabbit.
  • Do you have a floor preference? View preference?

Why are they so important to use?

  • They allow you to sell your community and get people excited to come see it!

What is the difference between a White Rabbit and a Description?

  • A description is a list
  • A White Rabbit will expand on a list and tell them how you use it
    • Don’t say what you don’t have, only say what you do.
    • Don’t talk about something unless it is important to your prospect.

White Rabbit Examples

  • My favorite part about living at The Edge is residents have access to 40+ acres of trails. I love to go for walks and runs in nature where I’m not surrounded by cars and pavement. There are also bike trails a lot of people walk their dogs on.
  • I love having an onsite salon at The Lodge! It saves me time and money and who doesn’t want to feel pampered?

*** If you live onsite that is the biggest thing to use when working with a prospect because it is real life and personal. You want to move away from just reading your amenity list, make it personable.